Customers of Kinsta’s Managed WordPress Hosting service can now select the Google Cloud Platform’s new data center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the home for their websites.

The new data center, located in Dammam, eastern Saudi Arabia, is a great option for customers who want to keep their site’s backend data housed within the Kingdom and those reaching out to a Saudi audience.

The addition of the Dammam data center (known as me-central2) puts Kinsta’s WordPress hosting services in 37 GCP data centers around the world. Damman is the second Middle East data center for Kinsta – the first being Tel Aviv, Israel (me-west1).

The Saudi data center is available now for those creating a new WordPress site within the MyKinsta dashboard. You can select Dammam as your target data center when you Add a Site in MyKinsta and choose to install WordPress, generate an empty environment, or request the migration of a website from another hosting company.

Screenshot showing data center selection when adding a new WordPress site.
Selecting the Dammam data center when adding a new WordPress site.

If you already have a WordPress site up and running in another data center and want to move it to Dammam, you can contact Support to request that change.

Why choose the Dammam data center?

Organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are motivated to keep sensitive data—like website customer information—within the country. That makes the Dammam location perfect for their WordPress sites. However, anyone hoping to connect with a web audience in the region can take advantage of the proximity of the Dammam data center to minimize the impact of network latency on those connections.

You can use the free GCPing tool shown below to measure latency between your location and GCP data centers like Dammam’s around the world. By using a VPN service with a global footprint, you can simulate connections from locations where your site’s visitors might be.

Screenshot showing the GCPPing tool and latency values for a number of Google Cloud datacenters.
Real-time network latency values for various GCP data centers, including Dammam.

Reach the world from the Dammam data center

A Dammam-homed website doesn’t have to cater only to visitors from the region. Kinsta’s Edge Caching service places web pages on the doorsteps of audiences around the world. Our Content Delivery Network does the same for web assets like images and files containing JavaScript code, CSS, and fonts.

Edge Caching and the CDN are free, thanks to Kinsta’s Cloudflare integration, which delivers cacheable components of your website to another 260+ data centers globally.

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